About the Bank

The history of the Bank
Established in 1989, the Bank has been successfully growing and developing for more than a quarter of the century. It went through several crises, remaining the leader of the Ryazan market, without changing its principles and perfectly fulfilling its client obligations.

1989: the first commercial Bank in the Ryazan region
In the second half of the 1980s in the USSR there were changes in the economic system, including our region. Self-sustained budget was intruded at state-owned plants and factories. In parallel with this, production and trading cooperatives accompanied by the first private firms were created. The state banking system was not able to serve them, and progressive leaders were looking for a way out. On 2 August 1989 at a meeting in the office of the chief of regional office of the state Bank Tamara Pigilova an initiative group for the establishment of a commercial Bank was created. It was headed by the head of the financial Department of the Ryazan machine-tool plant Vladimir Mazaev. On October 21, the Charter of the commercial Bank "Prioksky" was approved (abbreviated as "Prio-Bank"), and on December 6 the state Bank of the USSR registered a new financial institution under the number 212.

The Commercial Bank "Oka" started its activities in the building of the Regional office of the state Bank of the USSR, only in a few rooms. Since its inception, the Bank has been oriented to work primarily with the real sector of the economy, retaining its priority until now.

1990-1994: the period of growth and mergers
In October 1990, 13 branches of Agroprombank were joined to Prio-Bank that was operating in the Ryazan region, in connection with which the bank changed its name to Agroprom - Priobank. In the autumn of 1991 in connection with the change of the structure of shareholders of the Bank it got the name of Prio-Vneshtorgbank.

In difficult conditions of disintegration of the Soviet economic system and the "shock therapy", the Bank started to work with individuals and began accepting deposits. It was the first among the Ryazan banks that got exchange control license in 1992. At the same time, the Bank began to serve its customers in the first private Bank building on Griboedova street. Alongside with that, they began opening of new Bank offices in the districts of the Ryazan region.

In the summer of 1992 there was a merger of Prio-Vneshtorgbank with Probiznesbank – the second largest one in terms of capital among the Ryazan commercial banks. The head of the Bank Victor Ganishyn later became Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Prio-Vneshtorgbank. Two years later, in 1994, Kasimovbank joined Prio-Bank.

According to the results of politically unstable year 1993 Prio-Vneshtorgbank managed to enter the top 30 most reliable Russian banks, and according to its  amount of internal capital took the 91st place among 100 largest banks of Russia.

1994-1997: development and improvement
The continued growth of Prio-Vneshtorgbank, accompanied by improvement and expansion of the client base, demanded bringing new areas into service. In the summer of 1994 the main office of the Bank moved to a more spacious building in the minor street Zavrazhnova.

In 1994, Prio-Vneshtorgbank became a member of the Moscow interbank currency exchange, which allowed it to carry out transactions on the stock exchange on purchase - sale of foreign currency for its clients independently. The Bank was fully computerized, and the creation of a unified electronic database of clients has enabled individuals to contact any office of the Bank for Deposit transactions.

The year 1995 became for Prio-Vneshtorgbank the year of development of correspondent network: at the end of the year correspondent relations were established with 25 Russian banks, accounts were opened in 7 foreign banks.

In May 1995, the flag of Prio-Vneshtorgbank was installed on the North Pole by the expedition, headed by the Hero of Russia Michael Malakhov.

In 1996, the Bank started to issue Bank cards, got his first ATM, and first implemented a salary project in cooperation with the Ryazan GRES power plant. The Moscow branch of the Bank was opened the same year. This made it possible to achieve essential leads and lags of calculations of the Ryazan enterprises with capital partners. Later, during the August default in 1998, its promptly established Moscow branch, included in the ongoing Bank work on the isolation of non-payment, helped Prio-Vneshtorgbank to transfer a significant number of its customers finances from "bad" banks.

1998-2001: through crisis to leadership
After the financial crisis of August 1998, the Bank was able to reorient the direction of investments quickly; allowing escaped the loss of customer funds and its capital base. The Bank fulfilled all its obligations to customers even in the darkest days.

In 1999 Prio-Vneshtorgbank received the license of the Bank of Russia to conduct operations with precious metals.

During the year 2000 Prio-Vneshtorgbank significantly optimized maintenance of foreign economic activity of enterprises. In a single year, the number of foreign currency accounts increased to 479 and the total turnover of customer payments amounted to 5.4 million USD. Used by the Bank system REUTER allowed to perform all operations on the MICEX in real time.

The completion of construction and grand opening of a new Bank complex Prio-Vneshtorgbank in Ryazan in the Yesenina street took place on 8 September 2001. The project design was developed by the Yugoslav firm "Yugodrvo", and the construction and finishing works from 1996 to 2001 were done by many of the Ryazan organizations and  firms: "Ryazanzhilstroy" (general contractor), "Brandt", "Contrfost", "Nadezhda", "Tsentrelektromontazh", "Teplogarant", "Tsentrsantekhmontazh", "Spetsavtomatika", "Signal-plus", "Interkonvent", etc. Today the complex is an 11-storeyed building with a total area of 7474 square meters.

Since 2001, Prio-Vneshtorgbank has become the organizer of the citywide celebration, "My Soul Shrovetide".

2002-2008: years of modernization
In 2002, the Bank continued expanding its branch network in Ryazan and the Ryazan region. Three new operational cash desks were opened in the regional center; three points of services for individuals were created in the regional branches of the Bank in the region. The bank began accepting municipal and other customer payments and transactions for the sale of precious coins.

Further dynamic development in 2002 received a salary project plastic of Prio-Vneshtorgbank, which has attracted a number of major employers in the region, that understood the benefits of optimization technology of issuing wages to employees. At the same time, the Bank began installing the first ATMs at the enterprises and in the service points for the population (in 2015, the Bank has 30 ATMs and 60 payment terminals). The cards that are issued by the bank are cards of the local system "Prio Cards" and the international payment system MasterCard.

On 21 September 2004 Prio-Vneshtorgbank on the first day of the issuance of certificates of membership in the Deposit insurance system received certificate No. 12  in Agency for deposit insurance (ADI).

2009-2014: meeting the 25-year anniversary
Prudent banking and correct calculation allowed the Bank to undergo financial crisis of 2008-2009 without undue risk.

In 2005 and 2007, the Bank became a laureate of the national contest "Banking" in nomination "the Best regional Bank", in 2009 Prio-Vneshtorgbank was awarded by the diploma of the winner and silver emblem in the same category, and in 2014 – the Golden award "The best regional Bank for its contribution to the economy of the Ryazan region". At the end of 2013, the shareholders’ equity of Prio-Vneshtorgbank exceeded 1 billion rubles.

In 2013 Authoritative rating Agency "Expert RA" assigned the high credit rating of "A" to the Bank, and in 2014 confirmed it.

However, despite the absolute leader position among independent banks of Ryazan, Prio-Vneshtorgbank continues to evolve, introducing new services, improving technologies for their implementation and continually improving the quality of service. And it cannot be true in a different way, because the whole long history of Prio-Vneshtorgbank is a continuous process of intensive development.

Continuing getting with the times, in 2013, the Bank was rebranded. The new corporate identity is designed, in particular, to show the openness and modernity of the Bank. One of the stylistic elements has become the traditional pattern of the Mikhailov lace, which emphasizes the authenticity of the Bank to the Ryazan region. Soon as part of rebranding updating offices started. The first changes came to the cashier No. 6 in Chernovitskaya street.

In 2014, the television project "Financial literacy" received a diploma in mediacompetition of regional office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This cycle is part of a multi-year project on financial education of the citizens of Ryazan, "Prio-Vneshtorgbank – the center of excellence".

On 6 December 2014, the Bank celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the occasion of the holiday it gave Ryazan an urban sculpture: in front of the main office on Yesenina street a bronze piggy bank created by Vasily Gorbunov appeared. Straight there is a tradition to RUB her "pig’s snout" for luck.
2015-2017: updating and expanding
In 2015, Prio-Vneshtorgbank was the only one among Ryazan banks that had entered the state program of subsidizing mortgage and car loans. New offices in a new format were opened this time in Gorroscha and Pesochnya. The refreshment of the main office which celebrated its 15th anniversary started.

In 2016, the Bank received the prestigious regional award of the "Mirror stage" for support of theatrical art. Since its founding in 1989, the Bank helps the region's theaters, including the international festival of puppet theatres "Ryazanskie smotriny".

Within traditional Bank rotation the Chairman of the Board is Roman Viktorovich Ganishin. Mikhail Volkov is his first Deputy.

On 11 Feb 2016 in accordance with new legislation the brand name was changed — from Prio-Vneshtorgbank (OJSC) to Prio-Vneshtorgbank (JSC).
A new direction of work is establishing offices in other regions. The expansion is not an end in itself, the task is to share experience with the neighbors, to offer them the bank values and format.

The first of these offices was opened in February 2017 in Troitsk. Formally, this locality refers to the capital, but the Bank branch is focused primarily on the residents and organizations of the Moscow region. Two months later an office in Voronezh began to operate — one of the largest cities of Russia, which is a major industrial and investment center. And in August an office was opened in the township of Shilovo in the Ryazan region.


Common directory-inquiry service ph. (4912) 200-003,
fax: 24-49-17
Reception ph. (4912) 24-49-00, 24-49-01
Support service
ph. (4912) 50-44-50
e-mail: support@priovtb.com
Central office operation department 
ph. (4912) 44-16-49, 24-49-04
Lending department
ph. (4912) 44-54-25 (householders)
24-49-25 (corporate customers)
Retail business department ph. (4912) 24-49-26, 24-49-28
Foreign exchange control division
ph. (4912) 24-49-02
Collection service
ph. (4912) 44-47-20, 50-44-49
e-mail: inkass@priovtb.com
ph. (4912) 27-54-37, 45-39-34
Advertising department
ph. (4912) 24-49-18

Management of the Bank

The Board of Prio-Vneshtorgbank

Ganishin Roman Viktorovich – Chairman of the Management Board

Yazev Alexey Alexeyevich – First vice Chairman of the Management Board

Volkov Michael Vladimirovich – First vice Chairman of the Management Board

Dronov Gennadiy Gennadyevich – Vice Chairman of the Management Board – Head of operations unit

Terentyeva Natalia Grigoryevna – Vice Chairman of the Management Board – Head of securities and passive transactions unit

Mishutkina Irina Vladimirovna – Managing board member – Head of analysis and credit risk asessment unit

Vinokurov Vasilij Vladimirovich – Managing board member

Sinyov Denis Sergeevich – Managing board member

The Board of Directors of Prio-Vneshtorgbank

Ganishin Viktor Alekseevich – The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mazaev Vladimir Aleksandrovich – First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Larionov Nikolay Mihaylovich – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Doschechkin Andrey Gennadevich – Member of the Board of Directors

Maslova Natalya Vladimirovna – Member of the Board of Directors

Denisova Olga Nikolaevna – Member of the Board of Directors

Ganishin Roman Viktorovich – Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Management Board

Volkov Michael Vladimirovich – Member of the Board of Directors, First vice Chairman of the Management Board

Information about the management of the Bank

Information on qualification and experience of heads of the bank, in Russian
Information on qualification and experience of board members of the bank, in Russian

Statutes, regulations and internal documents of the Bank

Statutes and it's amendment

Amendment 7 to the Statutes 2006 (current version)
Amendment 6 to the Statutes 2006 (current version)
Amendment 5 to the Statutes 2006 (current version), in Russian
Amendment 4 to the Statutes 2006 (current version), in Russian
Amendment 3 to the Statutes 2006 (current version), in Russian
Amendment 2 to the Statutes 2006 (current version), in Russian
Amendment 1 to the Statutes 2006 (current version), in Russian
Statutes 2006 (current version)

Regulations governing the activities of bodies of Prio-Vneshtorgbank (JSC)

The regulation on the internal audit of the 2014 (current version), in Russian
The regulation on internal control service 2014 – compliance-service (current version), in Russian
The regulation on General shareholders ' meetings – 2015, in Russian
The regulation about the Board of Directors – 2015, in Russian
The regulation on the compensation of the members of the Board of Directors for the period of execution of their duties and reimbursement of expenses, connected with execution by them of functions of members of the Board of Directors – 2015, in Russian
The regulations on the audit Commission – 2015, in Russian
The Regulations on the management Board and the Chairman of the Board – 2015, in Russian

Other documents

The accounting policies for 2018, in Russian
The regulations on the protection of personal data of the employees of Prio-Vneshtorgbank (JSC), in Russian
Regulations on the procedure of consideration of applications of clients in connection with use of electronic means of payment, in Russian
The procedure for determining the fair value of the assets, in Russian
The code of corporate ethics, in Russian
The Code of honor of a banker, in Russian
The Bank secrecy provision dd 15 April 1994, in Russian
Policy of using personal data, in Russian


The regulation of updating the identification information about the customer, customer's representative, beneficiary and beneficial owner in the accounting systems of the Bank, and other information about customers, in Russian
Appendix №1 to the Regulations of updating the identification information about the client, in Russian
Appendix №2 to the Regulations of updating the identification information about the client, in Russian

Requisites of the Bank

Prio-Vneshtorgbank (public joint stock company)

Prio-Vneshtorgbank (PJSC)

Registed address 82/26 Yesenin Str, Ryazan 390023, the Russian Federation
Business address 82/26 Yesenin Str, Ryazan 390023, the Russian Federation
INN (Tax Identification Number) 6227001779
KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 623401001
BIC (Russian Central Bank Identifier Code) 046126708
Correspondent account 30101810500000000708,
Office across the Ryazan region of Head department of the Central bank.
Codes OKPO (Russian National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations): 09807224
OKTMO (Russian National Classification of Municipal Territories): 61701000001
OKOGU (Russian National Classification of Public Authorities): 1500010
OKATO (Russian National Classification of Political Subdivisions): 61401380000
OKVED (Russian National Classification of Economic Activities): 64.19
OKFS (Russian National Classification of Ownership Patterns): 16
OKOPF (Russian National Classification of Forms of Incorporation): 12247
OGRN (Primary State registration Number): 1026200000111
Phones: +7(4912) 200-003
Fax: +7(4912) 200-003
Telex: 136122 PRIO RU
E-mail post@priovtb.com